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2017 IFH RELAY RACES, 14th edition

The 14th edition of IFH Relay Races is set to take place on Sunday 4 June 2017.

Race Distance: 6km, Each team has 6 members & everyone in the team covers 1km for organizations. 

Maximum no. of teams: 200

Maximum no. of teams from one organization: 3

Transport will be arranged to take participants from Start/Finish to stages and back to Start/Finish

We will be awarding prizes to:

 • First Embassy team

• First Business team

• First Government team

• First Gym team

• First Hotel / Restaurant team

• First Media team


• First Devt. Agency/NGO team

• First Bank/Insurance team

• First Friends team


Great Ethiopian Run reserves right to choose the team prize winners and may disqualify teams from prizes.

For more information contact the Great Ethiopian Run office on 0116 635757 / 633646 / 185842.

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