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General Information 

We have prepared this document to answer some of the frequently asked questions by race participants and others. While we love having direct contact with our race participants, we ask for your understanding in the weeks leading up to the race, as we are simply too busy to deal with all individual enquires. We hope that is information provides some of the answers to your questions. If you are still in need of more information, we kindly ask you to email and we will do our best to replay on time. Lots more information can be found on our website 

Quality and size of race t-shirts 

Our entire race t-shirts are produced locally. We always try to get the best possible quality and size quantities for our participants, and work hard in choosing our garment supplier and in developing strong working relationships with them. However, with over 40,000 t-shirts being produced, it is simply not possible for us to control every t-shirt produced to participants experience a drop in quality or a problem with the size of their t-shirt. Major problems are always reported back to our garment suppliers.    

Securing your place in the run 

Once our standard places for the race have been sold, there may be a limited number of charity places for those willing to support our official fundraising campaign ‘running for a cause’. The registration price for charity places is 400 birr for individuals and 300 birr for organizations who have already made a donation to the campaign, with a maximum number of 100 places allocated per organization. For more information about the beneficiaries and the campaign, you can visit our website or enquire for the information filer. 

Discounts on race t-shirts 

In line with standard policy across all races we organize, there are no discounts on registration fees for participants in the race. 

How to collect your t-shirt 

Once you are registered to participate on the Great Ethiopian Run you need to make sure you keep your receipt in the right place. The official distribution of t-shirts is conducted at the annual sport Expo - see details elsewhere on this site.  

Race course 

The race course for this year’s 10km is unchanged from last year. The start/finish takes place In Meskel Square. A map of the race course is available on our website and in the official race magazine.

Race Accreditation 

If you feel you may be eligible for accreditation (in the capacity of a race sponsor, event partner, media representative, or government official) we kindly ask you to email . If you are from a media agency please request a form for Media Accreditation by email  – this can also be downloaded from our website. 

Race numbers for elite athletes 

500 race numbers – 300 for men and 200 for women – are made available for elite athletes from clubs and for those competing individually. Each club in Addis Ababa has a maximum quota of 5 men and 4 women. Remaining numbers will be distributed to individual athletes applying for race numbers where weighting is given according to the athlete’s finishing time in previous editions of the race. Any remaining places will be allocated on a lottery basis. Please note that places for elite athletes are given free of charge. 


The race results for each category in the event (elites, ambassadors, charity runners and chipped runners) will be available one hour after the race on our event website.

Race number for fun runners 

The main reason why a race number is needed for the fun runners is to avoid face t-shirt duplication and help participants enjoy the race with the affordable price the Great Ethiopian Run office sets. 

Race calendar 

The full calendar of races staged by Great Ethiopian Run throughout the year is available on our website. CLICK HERE for more information.