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FrontRunning for a Cause
Running for a Cause is the official fundraising campaign for 2017 TOTAL Great Ethiopian Run to raise fund for 4 selected beneficiaries. The beneficiaries are working on children, women and the elderly. The campaign works in partnership with FDRE Ministry of Women and Children and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
The Campaign started on 2005 until now 32 organizations benefited 9.9 Million Birr.
Target this year - 1,600,000.00 Birr.
How can you support?
-    Take a sponsorship form, collect as many pledges as you can from your friends and return the sponsorship form to our office by November 1/2017. Be sure to start the donation from you.
-    Get your organization to make a donation to our fundraising campaign. We will publicize your organization’s support in Capital Newspaper and on our official website. (
-    Individual participants raise funds by taking sponsorship forms from our office and collecting pledge from friends and family members. You can raise money individually even if you are not running. If you are interested, download sponsorship form here.
-    Great Ethiopian Run keeps few t-shirts for participants who wish to take part in the race but missed the registration and sells each t-shirt at 400 Birr. (Proceeds after tax from the extra t-shirt fee goes to the Campaign).
This year's beneficiary organizations
1.    Eneredada Elder People Association
-    Supports 514 elders and 1,568 grandchildren.
-    by engaging the able-bodied ones in to their own income generating activities with provision of startup money and the needed trainings. And help those that were bedridden by going to door to door.
Only 500 Birr to cover all costs of 1 elder for 45 days.
2.    Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD)  
-    Works with abused women and children.
-    runs safe houses for women and girls who are survivors of violence. They have rehabilitated over 4,000 women and girls since 2006G.C. also help the abused girls with the legal cases against the against their perpetrators,  
3.    Oromia Region Children Care Association  
-    Help children that were cast aside by or lost their parents, children who run away from home, children who returned from their adoptive parents either from here or abroad, street kids and abused children helped 63 children since they were established in 2016.
4.    Elshadai Relief & Development Association
-    cares for orphans and street children and women
-    raised over 900 orphaned children
-    facilitated 72,047 street children to return to their homes from Addis Ababa and continue with their education since founded in 1989.
Helped 6,650 mothers and children in the 9 regions by giving them training and engaging in work.
Great Ethiopian Run would like to thank all its partner organizations and individuals for supporting this noble cause and help to make a difference. Great Ethiopian Run would also like to say a special thank you for Knarvikmila team, our partner from Norway. Knarvikmila has been supporting our official fundraising campaign each year.

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